Glacier National Park Hat

Show your favorite national park some love with a stylish cap that'll keep you shaded and looking great.  

All wilderness areas have a story to tell. Glacier National Park tells the story of climate change. In the mid-1800s, the park featured somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 glaciers. Now there are less than 30 and they're disappearing at a rate of 90 feet per year. According to literature put out by the National Park Service, "If the current rate of warming persists, scientists predict the glaciers in Glacier National Park will be completely gone by 2030." But there's a lot more to the million-plus acre Glacier National Park than its disappearing glaciers. The gigantic park is home to 68 different animal species and 277 species of birds; it boasts 175 mountains, 762 lakes, and nearly 800 miles of trails for visitors to explore. And its Going to the Sun Road is quite possibly the most beautiful drive on earth. Celebrate a place that retains its beauty in the face of a changing world with this hat.



• Classic cap design
• Adjustable snap back
• Glacier graphic 
• Curved & flat bill options

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